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    Whether you're using a virtual machine, Cloud PC the assisted leveling AI still available with the new revamped experience for item delivery and now the advanced AI of EyeAuras making it easy to Clone any window and keep it always-on-top while working with other applications

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    Customizable AI Framework Now Available

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    API Integrated Trading
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    Copy Trader Functionality coming soon as we expand our trading API integration becoming one of the first Official Trading API Broker Partnership with the most advanced with accessibility trading bringing Ichimoku forecasts to an Anti-Fragile trading platform.

    Revamped Automated Cloud Compatible Solutions

    Cloud PC Service right from your browser

    Access to multiple developer's software right from your web browser on any device as our Cloud PC for gaming is available as an extra premium option and used for giving new users trial access so they can save time from downloading all while giving you a unique experience with having multiple developers give us the ability to provide the top tools for each expertise of their own work that they specialize in their category of programming whether it is for MMO or Trading automation tools.

    Security-focused development & software protection for peace of mind

    Virtualization of code being the most advanced form of software protection. Other protection system utilized by other systems only encrypt their code & then decrypt it while starting up the application. Revamped does not need to decrypt any code the least bit, Rather, the code that is encrypted runs on a virtual CPU that is blatantly different from generic x86 and x64 CPUs as the command set is different for each protected file. 

    Quality development & consistent improvements

    Save money while enjoying having the top quality of automation solutions and being able to get support around the clock via helpdesk support tickets or group chat servers with other developers for any feature requests you may have for helping us improve your UX further. Cloud support services provided around the clock through our helpdesk require an account, sign up now and get the AIO launcher to gain access to many automation tools as they become available on the marketplace.

    MMO Automation

    Automate listing creation with real time screenshots to make your items be deliverable automatically. Usable with automation frameworks compatible with cloud computing solutions readily available.

    AI Enhanced Tools

    Premium AI Tools for every task from simple rotations to advanced for perfecting routines for group raids or for solo leveling, gathering, and more accessible from the all in one launcher.

    AI Trading Bot

    Unlimited Assets Monitoring with automating trades using the official API Broker Partner verified KuBot, easy to setup with anti fragile trading algorithms. See how most traders are missing out on shorting with automation through API access.

    EyeAuras Automation Platform

    EyeAuras Automation Platform

    Clone any window and keep it always-on-top while working with other applications and add triggers and actions based on those triggers to automate any applications such as any games as example ranging from PoE & Much More!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    With the release of the aio launcher making our applications usage on  optional cloud pc solutions easier to use and gets rid of any concern of security risks while making software more accessible for MacOS users and Windows users (even chromebook users) you will be able to use the downloads available from any platform. Revamped helps with providing a safe platform of information & support regarding premium automation & enhancement tools – including preferred MMO’s and market trading automation with a reliable API integration (Not mining, and we are not an exchange and do not offer any exchange services, you cannot purchase Crypto from Revamped!)

    Having a secure Cloud PC Platform you can access through the member’s panel as an extra upgrade featuring all the available software makes it an easy-to-use advantage of building a bigger and broader community that can give us feedback, requests and even list their own custom profiles or scripts so that we can keep on improving the user experience currently provided all without having to download anything.

    Cloud Computing is the way of the future, join us as we expand.

    EyeAuras   is an automation tool with the ability to construct complex behavior through a system of triggers and actions. Color analysis, text recognition, image search, hotkey system in combination with user input emulation open up endless possibilities for both simple macros and bot systems with full-fledged C# scripts.

    Main Components

    Aura – combines Triggers , Actions and Overlays , in fact, it is the aura that is the minimum logical unit in the program. 

    Triggers – any events that occur in the system can be both global (a hot key is pressed, an arbitrary window is activated, a process is started, etc.), and local for a specific window (an image is found in the specified window or a key is pressed). The trigger has two states, it can be either active or inactive. An aura is considered active if ALL triggers in that aura are on

    Actions – displaying warnings, keystrokes, mouse clicks, sending messages to telegrams or letters to e-mail, etc. Actions are divided into 3 types – On Enter, While Active and OnExit, which are executed, respectively, when the aura Turns on (the aura goes from Off to On), Active (actions in the specified block are repeated while the aura is active) or Turns off (the aura goes from On state to Off state)

    Overlay – allows you to display an image, text or replica (live preview of another window) in an arbitrary place on the screen.  The overlay is drawn if the Aura is active. Not supported for applications running in full screen mode (specifically full screen , not borderless windowed )


    • Fixed Value – the most primitive trigger, the state is controlled by the user (checkbox) or scripts
    • Color Search – the trigger is active if the average color in a certain region of the window is close enough to the specified one. The accuracy of the desired match can be adjusted
    • Image Search – the trigger is active if the image you specified is found in a certain region of the window. The accuracy of the desired match can be adjusted
    • Text Search – the trigger uses text recognition and is active if the found text matches the expected one. Regular expressions and C# lambdas are supported.
    • Aura Is Active – the trigger is active if the triggers attached to it are active or not active depending on the settings
    • Hotkey Is Active – the trigger is active if either a certain key or key combination is pressed once ( Hold mode), or a certain key or key combination has been pressed once ( Toggle mode)
    • Window Is Active – the trigger is active if the specified window is currently active
    • Window Exists – the trigger is active if the specified window exists
    • Timer – the trigger is activated / deactivated with the specified periods
    • Message Subscription – the trigger is activated/deactivated if the specified message is received from the central EyeAuras server. Messages themselves can be sent using the Send Message command.
    • File Contains – the trigger is activated when certain text is found in the file
    • Telegram Subscription – the trigger is activated when a message is received in the Telegram channel



    • Send Input – produces a mouse click or keystroke. Supports several ways to send input, from the most basic (WinApi) to sending a push using a Usb2Kbd hardware device
    • Play Sound – plays the selected sound
    • Win Activate – activates the specified window
    • Delay – waits for some time before moving on to the next action or cycle (in the case of actions from the While Active block)
    • Send To Telegram – sends a message to a telegram channel
    • Send Message – sends an arbitrary message to certain channels of the EyeAuras central server. Receivers or using a Message Subscription trigger can process it.
    • C# Script – executes the specified script written in C# . The script can dynamically create triggers/actions and execute them as needed, and can also analyze the state of other auras, triggers, etc.


    • Text – rendering text with the specified style. With a C# Script action, you can dynamically change any overlay settings.
    • Image – drawing a picture. Transparent images and GIFs are supported
    • Replica – creates a visual copy of another window or its region. A real-time copy reflects all changes occurring in another window. The size of the display or capture area can be changed
    • Dependencies Viewer– a graph with the current state of auras and their dependencies from each other. Extremely useful for debugging


    When you sign up depending on your purchase you may be given the software key directly or credits to redeem on the marketplace for the access key, revamped understands that sometimes your purchased amount may change on what you want so credits are an easier way to fix a balance for a purchase just deposit more credits to use more services as an example, some simple software product keys may be delivered without giving you any credits also so it is not always used as there is multiple built in auto serial key delivery systems that we are customizing and making new on site scripts such as the escrow marketplace that is recently developed with constant improvements being made, it serves as a testing base for other marketplaces that may be partners that would receive their marketplace update afterwards if they use our similar platform API and that is why some popular sites may have the similar look or feel as Revamped too. Getting setup without the use of any digital currency to purchase any cloud pc options from the site marketplace or software access, which you can use in self serve to determine your access to the escrow-based marketplace for secure transactions providing you an extra layer of security and peace of mind. No product listings are entered into the marketplace without being approved and if any changes are made while it is in the marketplace it must be approved again further securing what goes in and out of our site with in chat app messaging between buyer and seller.

    Choose to sign up for any of the options you will get either the ready to send confirmation link to activate your purchase or the matching amount of points to activate and receive your access code this makes sure to have a smooth experience we even have the primary feature of an upgrade to utilize a cloud pc environment so you don’t have to download anything. 

    Alternatively, you can make a helpdesk ticket and ask for assistance with product delivery if you find the user guided tooltip member’s tour of the premium marketplace any confusing for safe purchasing. The benefit of using site credits also makes it easy to keep track of a purchase value in-case you find a product does not fit your need and want to trade it out for a different application that is available. You cannot use the credits as a form of actual currency and they are not to be treated as such, though you can redeem them on the marketplace or the self service store that is the private checkout area.

    We make sure we are able to remain competitive with our pricing while making sure everyone is satisfied even with the credits-based escrow marketplace now live. If we have software available at a cheaper price it is due to our bulk positions of resellers or deals that are made for the benefit of all, as some products available from some developers may require a purchase of 100 or even 10 to receive a substantial discount that we can pass onto our users who share the same interest. Thus creating a community looking to have only the best in automation.

    Providing cloud pc solutions for trading makes it a sought after feature to keep software always online.

    We suggest to keep BitBot running on a PC with a stable, constant connection to your exchange. It is capable of using MACD algorithms or Ichimoku with your stop loss configuration along with trailing profit %.

    Delivery is provided instantly via our self-serve credits shop or the escrow marketplace auto serial key delivery system. Once you’ve received your Revamped credits, you can spend them by going to the credits shop and purchasing your desired product(s), as long as you have enough credits. Your serial keys will be displayed in the serials page in the members’ area after you have redeemed credits in the Revamped Credits Shop. Some keys are delivered instantly also via the send code link on the member page and do not require credits such as the cloud botting solutions which are manually delivered and setup with your access relayed with as little as a remote viewing account to get started.

    If you ever run into any confusion or difficulty getting setup with our cloud pc or even just want help with billing or licensing keys you should open a helpdesk ticket.

    We provide around-the-clock support via our helpdesk ticket system. You can get help with managing your purchase by submitting a ticket to either request a subscription change or cancellation as well as using the forums the software is partnered with, along with help in real time, by the support team or the developers themselves.

    There is easy-to-follow documentation provided for each product within the download page and also video tutorials to go along with them. For security reasons we also handle any cancellation requests through the helpdesk ticket system.