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    Access to multiple developer's software gives you the upper hand and having multiple developers give us the ability to provide the top tools for each expertise of their own work that they specialize in their category of programming whether it is for MMO automation tools.

    Security-focused development & software protection for peace of mind

    Our developers ensure that all our software remains undetectable to keep any account safe and running, security is serious and this also includes our software not being able to be reverse engineered as we have some of the best to ensure we protect against any piracy or security breaches.

    Instant license key delivery & members panel

    Once signed up you will get your key instantly delivered in the members' area by using our self-serve system to claim your license key. Then you can activate the key once you are ready to start using it. When you sign up will gain access to our forums as well.

    Quality development & consistent improvements

    Save money while enjoying having the top quality of automation solutions while being able to get support around the clock via helpdesk support tickets group chat servers with our developers for any feature requests you may have for helping us improve further.

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    Premium WoW Bots for questing, gathering, grinding & more with wow rotations also.


    D2R Bots & Tools, automate as much or as little as you like.

    Crypto Trade Bot

    Unlimited Crypto Monitoring with automating trades using the BitBot, a crypto trading bot that is easy to setup and has anti fragile trading algorithms.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Currently, Revamped is a collection of premium automation and enhancement tools that give you the edge in games and more – including World of Warcraft, Diablo 2: Resurrected, and even cryptocurrency trading automation.

    We have a team of developers who have their own areas of specialty. This gives us the advantage of being able to release a variety of different products, each maintained by their own programmers.

    Having a unified store featuring all our software gives us the advantage of building a bigger and broader community that can give us feedback and requests, so that we can keep on improving in our (and your) favorite niches.

    When you purchase a product, you are allocated credits in the members’ area, which you can spend in our self-serve shop on whichever product you want.

    So, if you choose to buy any program you will get the matching credits to get the key. Each month you will get those credits for the same product’s value. Alternatively, you can use the credits to buy other products of similar value, thus never losing value in your purchase.

    Read more about our credits to key delivery process.

    We make sure we are able to remain competitive with our pricing while making sure both developer and customer are satisfied with the solutions we provided.

    Narrowing down our selection of World of Warcraft bots all made in house by our own developers that we deal with hands on, makes us able to get the features we are requested and implement them fast.

    One of the latest wow unlocker bots allowing you to automate your questing while leveling 1-70, rotations for combat routines, gathering and farming to maximize gold intake. Retail options to be offered as well.

    We also have the Owl WoW Pixel grinding bot as it makes use of a custom in game addon that it reads colored pixel squares to know what is being interpreted in game so while it may not quest, it can still serve as an affordable grinding bot solution with also the ability to just use Owl’s stand alone rotations..

    It also gives you the ability to automate your rotations routines, so if you need help – or happen to not have full motion use of your hands – these rotation bots can automate your attacks for you while you do the movement manually, enabling you to keep up with hardcore players who have significantly more time to invest in the game.

    Our goal is to balance the playing field and enhance our members’ gaming experience.

    Being able to provide the safest D2R automation solution is what makes us stand out.

    We provide premium out-of-the-box botting software to automate your gameplay while you do other things, whether it be on the same machine or away from it.

    Our JieGuan “Take Over” Bot is able to safely interact with the game via memory packet functionality, avoiding ban traps and keeping character farming.

    We no longer support any pixel bots for Diablo 2: Resurrected, but upon request you can get access to our archived pixel bots for your own education, utilizing the source code for learning about automation through gaming.

    JieGuan (translated as Take Over) is the bot that will change the economy of Diablo 2 Resurrected once ladder begins. Those who are in the know will be able to actually earn money from their botting venture by listings items on our RMT marketplace listings where they can get Revamped Credits for selling their items and users can buy items directly from the farmer, read about how much JieGuan can earn you making money botting in D2R in this case study on one of the most popular botting blogs.

    While it is on discount, we suggest you acquire a lifetime key while you are able to by checking out our sign up page for either a monthly key before the price is increased, or contact us to get a lifetime key.

    The JieGuan Take Over Bot automates farming of bosses and various levels, including cow level, while supporting multiple classes. Currently if you are using a paladin to bot, you will need the enigma runeword to utilize teleport. You will also find much success using the sorceress class. Our JieGuan Bot reminds people of the old KolBot for d2lod, which now being available for Diablo 2 Resurrected makes usage of similar detailed pickit files. So while JieGuan bot is finding items, it’s identifying them and analyzing the stats on them to make sure it doesn’t vendor anything you need.

    While the zhipei loot filter for tele pickit uses item codes, we go the extra mile with JieGuan: making the pickit the most advanced of its kind. Requiring very little effort to setup, it auto casts your spells without utilizing keybindings due to the ability to packet cast. This means it knows you have Call to Arms in your secondary weapon swap to do Battle Order Shouts for pre buff casting when it farms. It can interact with the vendors without opening the trade window and also gamble for you and identify items, increasing your chance of finding stone of jordans ten fold!

    With many features being added continuously, such as the ability to do group rushing with farming bosses and opening Town portals for the rest of your group to join you in farming, making baal farming public games to also soon to be able to craft horadric cube recipes, as the bot is already able to do cow level by opening the Secret Cow Level each game, and our upcoming JieGuan Controller for managing your bot and launching multiple bots which keeps you from having to manage logins for multiple accounts as it will keep your Login token saved so you can multi bot each account to run as many bots as you like with 1 bot running on 1 key. Check out our videos section to see the JieGuan Take Over Bot in action.

    The ZhiPei ‘Dominate’ Tool provides a manual usage solution where it’ able to do more than just reveal the map and enemy radar in game, such as auto travel through each dungeon that gets you to bosses or designated points of interests as fast as possible, Teleport Pickit (based on your item-grab settings) that grabs items as soon as they drop, auto healing both you and your mercenary, and even auto chicken, where it automatically leaves the game when you or your mercenary reach a certain health threshold.

    It also has the ability to give you and your mercenary a breakpoint boost safely, only for client-side breakpoints, giving you a slight advantage, and includes some extra bonus features such as inventory HUD display and auto-cast portal hotkeys.

    It works on memory, so it can auto-use potions even if they’re in the inventory. It can even auto use antidote potions when it detects your poisoned, among other things.

    Get a 1 day access key to give it a try before you upgrade to monthly. Read more about ZhiPei.

    Our Crypto Bot, BitBot Ninja, integrates with your preferred exchange’s API access keys, including Crypto.com, Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase Pro, KuCoin – with your preferred exchange able to be added upon request.

    You can talk directly to the BitBot developer to request features or add exchanges (as long as they have the API access for developers.)

    The BitBot Ninja will keep you from losing profits in the crypto market and successfully predicts whether any crypto is going to crash or increase, buying and selling in real time automatically.

    Alternatively, if you want to handle trades manually, you can use it as a signalling tool with Telegram notifications.

    We guarantee you will not lose money with the BitBot Ninja, as long as you keep it running on your PC with a stable, constant connection to your exchange. It will succeed in managing your crypto portfolio, continuously selling when there’s a risk of upcoming dumps, and buying at a stabilized dip using MACD algorithms with your stop loss configuration along with trailing profit %.

    Delivery is provided instantly via our self-serve credits shop. Once you’ve received your Revamped credits, you can spend them by going to the credits shop and purchasing your desired product(s), as long as you have enough credits. Your serial keys will be displayed in the serials page in the members’ area after you have redeemed credits in the Revamped Credits Shop. Some keys are delivered instantly also via the send code link on the member page.

    We provide around-the-clock support via our helpdesk ticket system. You can get help with your purchase by submitting a ticket or contacting us directly our Discord server, where we’ provide help in realtime, by our support team or the developers themselves.

    There is easy-to-follow documentation provided for each product within the download package.