Shipping Policy & Return Policy

Access to is provided instantly upon sign up. After purchase you can login to the member’s page to see your corresponding software to download and also your credits allocated to your account and ready to spend in the credits shop. Once you’ve redeemed your credits for the serial key of the product you chosen you’ll see a new tab appear that displays all your serial numbers.

Feel free to contact us on the helpdesk if you require further assistance or to manage your subscription as any licensing or billing concerns are handled through our ticket system.

Any orders that have been processed out of error for any reason and are unsatisfied with your purchase depending on your purchase you may not be eligible for a refund or only a partial refund at 70%, any purchase gets credited to account balance so you can spend your credits on your time. 

To contact us please refer to our contact us page.
For T&C and Privacy policy refer to our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy page.